Sales, Services & Community Cloud

Sales, Services & Community Cloud

Are you thinking of transforming your business? Have you recently purchased Salesforce Sales or Salesforce Service Cloud? Do you know the Lightning features that power the new CRM?

Salesforce accelerates your workforce productivity and enhances customer collaboration and ultimately their satisfaction. Organisations need to experience it to realize how much the software handles and how much time frees you up to be able take on and convert more opportunities!

Nspire is a Salesforce Implementation Company with a team of experienced consultants and implementation leads which will take you through Salesforce journey step by step. Our mantra is to eliminate the complexities, remove bottlenecks, provide a cost-effective service and quickly minimise risks in implementing your CRM solution. Our team of Salesforce Implementation Consultants will ensure streamlined business processes, identification of Salesforce features that can be used and many more that almost instantaneously reflect positively of your ROI.

Sales & Service Cloud Setup

 we will accurately setup, configure and customize of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud to meet and support your business needs. Our experienced Salesforce Consultants will implement business process automation through custom designed email templ

Community Cloud Setup

Ask NSPIRE about how we can incorporate custom reports and dashboards to ensure your business get better data visibility and business insights that can lead to better decision making at all levels of the organisation. Experienced we can setup the cloud